Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Trip to Primeval Earth

Did you ever take a trip to see between towns hours of some amazing landscapes looking so infinite and devoid of any appearances of man?  Just the primeval earth in its beauty and desolation, its inviting curves and its light and solitude. This is what our trip to Sheridan Wyoming looked like. It lies just south of the border from Montana almost at the end of the state.  A long journey from Colorado Springs but with great surprises as we reached the town itself.

One of our young family members, Jordan, was singing in a cute, intimate, packed theater. His voice was so great and his female counterpart also sang with a full voice and they both filled the theater with their songs. We enjoyed the performance, then went to Jordan's parent's house with Suzanne, a writer, and her husband Julio, a master creator of houses and apartments.  We also enjoyed their unforgettable, so much fun younger children, Antonio and Enrique.

We had to do a show there in Sheridan and all the canopies turned out to be beautifully set on a long grass field in front of the college, shaded in parts by old Blue Spruce pine trees.  Good artists and good entertainment but very few people and therefore less sales than we expected.  The real pleasure of our stay was being in the Quintana's huge home with the magnificent view from their windows over the golden grassy hills and the Big Horn mountains all bluish in the background with a running small brook of water in between.  Deer would come to drink and we were lucky to see a big owl that had perched on a tree nearby.

The constantly changing light from morning to night kept us mesmerized and constantly looking out when we weren't talking or playing with the kids.

The house itself is a fabulous creation of our host Julio, beautiful and vast and with every modern commodity and a huge panel of wires and pipes that I did not understand, but that made the house a fantastic, smart, computerized ten thousand square foot accomplishment for which Julio and Suzanna were proud.  The house is in the country but very close to town, and there is a room for everything, even a full size ballroom with 25 foot ceilings whose beauty fits the dancing family that they all are.

Julio created great meals rivaled by his wife's and we ate in the morning and afternoon on their deck facing the best view.  It was a great way to spend a few days and we were received like royalty in a special bedroom that at night shone with the light of so many stars as I had only seen once before in Monument Valley in Arizona. Wine tasting in late afternoon with all of them and Len, Suzanne's father, was a joyful experience.

On the trip back we took a side loop that reached Cheyenne at the end.  At a town called Torrington, we found a fantastic rock shop with a great variety of cabochons and I promptly bought some to include in my jewelry.  It was a lovely ride with rain some sun shining at times through the clouds; along with horses drinking at a brook that my husband photographed.

We came home exhausted but happy with the memories of time so well spent and with people we love.

Read Suzanna Quintana's Book and Blog, "Why my Kids Do Not Get Fat," a very entertaining, well written and well researched book about children current epidemic of obesity across the nation.

Copyright 2010 Micheline Brierre;
photos and editing by Barry Kaplan
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  1. What a lovely "working" vacation for you both! I wish I could be transported to the countryside you experienced; Wyoming is gorgeous. It makes my "inner cowgirl" want to go for a trail ride.

    Speaking of owls (ha), I heard a "hooter" last night through my open bedroom window. It is comforting to know that life is busily happening when I am abed, contemplating my next day.

    I'm off to do some gardening--more later.

  2. Hello Sis,

    I am so glad that although you did not have the sales you expected, you had such a great time with your friends and in such lovely surroundings. Your
    piece is beautiful. I remember to this day that Nazih and I coming close to the little town of Raton but with not a building in sight and not even
    trees, just grass and rocks I could see for the first time in my life, the curvature of the earth and it was amazing. I still would like to go back
    there and just lay again on the grass and enjoy earth and sky that way.