Monday, April 25, 2011

The Changes

Our planet has become much smaller than we ever thought.  The news travels at tremendous speed and our economic life on Earth is interrelated.  Ideas float from one country to another and long is gone the time of isolation.  Are we better for it?

It means enormous changes in the way we think and our ability to stay within the compound of our personal consciousness.  We are now multinational beings involved one day with the news of Japan and the other, news of Yemen.  In between, we stuff the news from Egypt, from Libya, from Africa or Haiti and we add to that the news from our speck of earth plus many more places or countries that may interest us.  Plus there is the economic crisis, unemployment, budget deficit, tax cuts, weather damage and death in the southern it not a lot?

What has all of this done to our psyche?
My grandson told me the other day that he was most concerned by the news of the nuclear leaks in Japan.  He is 8 years old.  He told me that they discuss it in class.  I think that all the involvement with so many happenings on different countries opens our minds very early to the fact that Earth as we know it has become so very small in terms of communication and interconnection.  As a consequence, there is more to think about, more to worry about, and more to stay on our minds and keep us awake at night.  The information is crammed in to us through TV, videos, CD's written articles by reporters all over the world, social medias and text messages.  It is unavoidable.

Because of this, it seems that now, more than ever, this Earth is undergoing tremendous changes and not all for the better.  There is the problem of climate change, the scarcity and rising price of oil, the possibility of water shortages, the climbing cost of food to cite only a few.  We are facing huge problems and as we see it, there is no solution at hand now.

Of course at the same time, so many groups, institutions or individuals are creating wonders and propose a different vision, therefore a different consciousness in the people they touch.  On one part some destroy while many others build what they can.  I, by nature, tend to be on the side of hope but I often feel invaded by all of what I read or hear.  Especially when I am unable to do anything about it.  It is not simple or easy and even harder to escape.  Our life is more accelerated and there is much more to do in one day.

We have e-mails, text messages, phones, TV, CD's videos, many electronic gadgets to facilitate reading or writing, a whole assortment of high tech things that have an effect on us human beings. Are we relating to each other as best as we could?  Do we take time to pause?  Does it make us more anxious?

Little children take anti-anxiety medicine and the other day, I talked to a friend who takes 2 drugs to stay calm and serene, or at least try to.  Drugs and pills are so prevalent and can mask our behavior in many ways.  Scientists are finding little by little the effect on us of all this relatively new technology. They are divided and so are we.  I find that more people are having a hard time coping with all the delivery of high tech gadgets and long for a more relaxing yesterday.  Only, this can be true for the ones who remember yesterday.  But the children?     

Do we live on a more violent planet?  I wonder sometimes reading all of what the earth has been through. The history of our past is loaded with conflicts, wars, many challenges and epidemics and terrible things to face.  We have evolved, but we are still the same human beings that lived off the land and raised our kids the best we could or hoped for a better shelter or a more lavish life.  Our aspirations are no different from country to country.  The basic human being has not changed that much over so many years.  But changed it has, with the discovery of so many ways to make things happen and to change our lives.  Horrible things like mass killings, suicide bombers, drone killings, latent terrorism, wars, unrest, inflation and unemployment has become a way of life.  That is not pretty or even desirable in any way.

If my grandmother was alive now, she would have a hard time to integrate herself to all we play or are involved with everyday as if nothing.  Even now, I write snail mail to my mother in law who does not use a fancy phone or the internet and to her sister for the same reasons.  When my grandkids are here, they play video games and relish their Facebook accounts.  Of course they also play on their bike or skateboard.  My childhood was spent reading, painting and perched up in trees!  The kids behave like kids to a certain extent.  Compared to the way I grew up, there is a huge difference.  But each generation faces the same changes.

So here I am with many questions and just a few answers.  What do you think?  Where are we going as a specie? What is happening to this Earth?  What is on your mind?  What about violence?  What concerns you?  What keeps you awake at night?  Are we better off today?

Please leave your answers.  Consider this blog as a forum for your thoughts and our common feelings as humans.  As the planet evolves, there is a price to pay and as we express our worries and our appreciation as well, things become clearer.  Let me hear about you.  You can leave a comment, become a follower of this blog and we can touch a reality that we can create commonly as humans.  I will be waiting.

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  1. You speak eloquently, Micheline, of all the challenges we face, as individuals and members of communities - our families and friends, the cities we live in, and of the world.

    It is overwhelming, to try and hold in our minds and hearts all we value, treasure, and feel responsible for. But the world, with all it's pain and sorrow, is still truly beautiful - and we still make a difference, one person and one action at a time - even actions that seem small to us, and only a drop in the bucket - all those drops add up! :) I am with you - I vote for hope - and love, and joy!

  2. Hi Micheline! You bring up so many of the things I've been feeling and feeling unrest about!! One way to look at it is that the most precious stones are always polished to get their luster and perhaps the challenging things that go on (so many recently) are the grist that we need to "polish" our way to a deeper awareness of this inter-connectivity that you speak about - and to eventually bring out the best in us as a whole earth family? Maybe I'm too hopeful. The other thing that comes up for me is that all of what we hear about everything challenging that is happening our our planet is an indication of where we might focus our good thoughts to help energetically with the upliftment of any particular area at that time.

    Thanks for your wonderful posts!!

    Much love to you!!



  3. Dear Micheline,
    I think that we just have to pay more attention to each other than what's going on in the news...a lot of it is not worth listening anyway and/or isn't true.
    When I was in my early twenties I spent 4 years not listening to TV or radio,I didn't have a TV and my radio was sometime on soft music only, and it was wonderful not having my mind full of everything but just the most important thing at the time. We get involved in those news and forget who we are or what we were doing or suppose to do.
    We are in the era of communications but don't communicate very well in general with the people around us and it's very sad. We aren't better off today than 50 years ago in the sense that we lost the human part and went for the machine part...hopefully we will realize it soon enough to make some changes in our behavior to welcome back the human part again.
    Love, Micheline in LC

  4. I am thrilled to get so many advice and great ideas from all of you. See the beauty in the world, Polish what I think or do, listen less to the news, be hopeful...Thank you friends.