Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Love of People

The end of the year was a mixed event. I got sick with a bronchitis and was alone in my house because my husband had gone to St Louis.  He planned to bring back his mom's car that she had decided to give me.  At her age she thought it was best to stop driving.  I guess she loves me!  I felt weak and had an exhausting cough that kept me many days in bed not doing much but reading all the books I could find at hand.  It was not easy.

My daughter's best friends came and shoveled the snow out of my driveway and I stayed indoors as much as I could.  Miso the cat was my companion.  He was my daughter's tabby, a huge cat who had come "south for the winter" as her friend said.   I do live south of her, although in the same town, and his voyage to my house lasted less than 20 minutes! This is his second visit at this time of the year since I stay home then and do not travel.  He gets to remember his favorite spots in the house and knows that I am his winter companion.

This gave me time to think.  I reviewed the year and found so much good in the everyday living and all the people I got to see and correspond with.  This year brought old friends back to visit me and at many art shows I got to hug many that I had not seen for a whole year.

I also got to think of all the things that happened to me and to them this year.  The people were certainly the most fulfilling aspect of every day. I realized that looking at a person in the eye to follow the tracing of their words, plus the words they might not dare say but that reveal their absolute consciousness is a treat. I was able to understand them with an empathy of the heart.  It was the best of the year.  Not traveling, even though going elsewhere is exciting and enriching.  Not reading some of my best books although I love reading; it was simply sharing a great moment with soul friends, people who listened and talked straight from their gut and heart.

This particular pleasure is like eating great pastry or like going inside of me to search for the traits I most love; or spending time alone investigating the many quirks in my head when dreams linger by and echo in my soul.

People are it.  Fascinating, interesting, crazy at times, sad, fulfilled, passionate, inquisitive, quirky, present and so terribly satisfying.  I line them up in my head and I feel blessed with so many who share so many characteristics and offer so many disparities, enough to satisfy me for a lifetime.  So this year of 2012, I dedicate to all my friends and my family that brings me the joy of following their life, of sharing their sorrow, and of laughing with them when their excitement is high.

I thank all of those who wrote to me, who talked to me, whom I dreamed of, whom I remembered, whom I rediscovered as well as the ones whom I missed and never got to see.  I want to celebrate us, the people who roam this earth and make my life worthwhile and prodigiously happy.

I used to think that bread was a huge and very simple pleasure. So satisfying.  A nice chunk torn from a baguette and so good to the tongue.  I think that the huge flow of humans that populate my life and let me enter their lives is the greatest satisfaction and the most enthralling and interesting aspect of living.

Copyright 2012 Micheline Brierre


  1. Micheline, nice to see that you are writing once more and this time about the importance of friends. Last year I was engaged in research and a study on aging. Suprisingly, one of the many factors found that contribute to longevity is "sociability". Simply stated, sociable people tend to live longer! Obviously, it is not an absolute since there are so many other contributing factors. Still, I found it to be an interesting piece of information and in keeping with your latest article. Cheers, Charlie

  2. Hi Michou,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about people. You are so right to say that it is important to have friends. I do believe that I inherited 'sociability' from my mother. She loved people from the poorest to the richest. She used to say that in every class there are people with class.

    Michou, I do appreciate your friendship. You have so much to offer and you are 'profonde' (in French).

    A toi toute mon affection,


  3. Dear Micheline,

    Had I known you were “cabin bound” I would have invaded the premises with chicken soup and conversation. Nothing as wonderfilled as a captive conversationalist when one lives alone, as I do! However, since I have never been to your home, I probably would have written to you instead. Just as the city fathers turn excrement into potable water… manage to turn sickness into a symphony of memory and old friends renewed, even as you have fashioned many ordinary elements into beautiful jewelry and many visions of people and places into delightful paintings. I hope you are well again and ready for Spring travels… give your annual hugs to fair visitors and returning friends.

    I appreciate your blog rejuvenation….or, at least, your journey back into the world of words for those of us who do not often enjoy your actual companionship. My one meeting with your daughter was a pleasure, too, and I would hope she might get in touch with me in Manitou, since she has become a Westsider (if I remember correctly). May your family & “traveling Tabby” continue to be healthy givers of joy. Best love to you and Barry.


  4. I loved your thoughts that you wrote. Now I know you'll understand when I say that keeping up with friends is sometimes difficult but I do it because, despite some of us going on different journeys in life, I need to know that all are well, safe, and happy.

  5. "I love this Micheline - you share so much with all of us - I treasure you!"

  6. Micheline, You are such a generous and loving lady. I have loved your friendship since the first day I met you. You challenge me to learn crocheting, as you make such beautiful and inspiring items. We love you.