Thursday, April 8, 2010


Bookcases I brought in my room today.
Pale wood shelves, three tiered, new,
ready for whispered secrets
sealed forever on paper.

Journals, novels where worlds
initiate at the first page
and shut down on the last.

Poems standing
triumphant or hermetic seducing or luscious
laying between covers.
Silent history facing memoirs, where
life explodes in humor, success or arrogance
with infinite losses and love gained or lost.

Fingers linger on long loved pages.

I summon the past
with the quiet power
of the inner call;
The past, imbued in words
the phrases of personal
and I watch shadows
pursue the trail
of very old dreams
asleep … quiet,
my books.

Copyright Micheline Brierre 2003

1 comment:

  1. i think these two entries are my favorites so far......
    i love the whispered words from books; sometimes i like to read in my favorite chair as the daylight fades..... i read until my hands and the pages are one in the dark. then i sit the book down and let the words tumble around in the dark.