Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Day

One day
you leave behind
the many masks
that you forged in the past.

The shadows and layers 
now dissolved in sadness and dust
and you gather your Self
your hands raised in praise
to sit between roses at dusk
and call forth
your very own

You sit in awed silence
as a small voice
rises on the breeze.
You do hear what
your heart
has saved
for last:

It is time for you
it is time for you.

Copyright Micheline Brierre 2001


  1. Yes, the time has come for me to be me. Of course, it can happen at any time in a person's life, like the Buddha becoming enlightened. But then who am I? A good question. Who is the authentic me, and not just the accumulation of input from the outer world, other people's thoughts or opinions voiced either directly of through books and other forms of media over the course of my lifetime? Definitely a good question to ask myself and keep asking, to go within and then listen.

    Thanks for the stimulating poem.

    From one of your great admirers,

    Your Bar

  2. Timely here as well and wondering where the strength comes from to discard the programming that lets us believe we are not to spend time for ME. Something good to think about from you- but how to get to that time with grace and dignity rather than by just abruptly abandoning the known patterns of life that have grown up around us.
    Thanks dear one for this lovely group of thought provoking words.

  3. Who am I? Often I have been both amazed and disappointed in the being that rides around within the bounds of my skin. As a very young lady I could change my mood for the better by just thinking it so. As I grew into a woman it was more difficult to let go of the worries, the pain and discomforts of life. Happy times were fewer as I realized my mortality and the limitations that imprisoned my mind. As a mature lady I now know that you are not a product of your fortunes--good or bad. It is all a matter of how you deal with what the Universe presents and sets before you. The circumstances of your life may be dire, but, YOU CAN be an incredibly well-grounded and relatively happy person! There is hope after all!

    Was I an introvert? Was I an extrovert? How many tests have I taken to unlock the mystery. The truth is, I can be either. Am I an individual, or a copy of the friends I hold dear? Again, I can be anything I choose. Why do humans believe that we all deserve to be labeled in a BOX. Not me. So who the hell am I? What day is it? Who is with me?