Friday, April 30, 2010

The Connection

There is something special in waking up at dawn and looking at the dark but blue sky and watch it slowly become a lighter shade until  it envelops me with the incredible presence of the atmosphere so rare, so far, in our known universe.

Our dreams still cling to our skin and the stars are still a part of the night. The stillness is palpable while on the street below, people drive following some unknown calling. The light of their car is a streak of light in the dark. This is a magical part of my time.  The in-between hours when it is no longer night and not yet day.

I like to come to my favorite oak chair and listen to myself;
kind of set the energy for what is to come even if it is only to   write a bit on my computer or listen to the birds as they awaken with the timid sounds they make at dawn.

I imagine things; I see decorated elephants that are leading me on a trail and beckon me to images of dunes partly lit in the desert as they open a world of fantasy that I enter quietly and where my imagination gets lost.

Soon, the day will start and the phone will ring or my husband will awaken and I will find my voice like a bipedal being that I am. Talking.  I wonder sometimes if it is really necessary; if our thoughts transmute and travel to others and we do not need to voice what our minds entertains.  Sometimes my daughter calls me just as I am about to pick up the phone and call her.  Our connection is so tight and I find myself realizing that indeed we are united and we let our spirits touch.  So often my husband’s mind is exactly focused on my own and we voice at the same time the same circuitry of our thoughts.

But when I go to my studio, the light change inside of me.  I see things differently as I pick up my needle or my brush.  My sense of acuity is intense and I listen to the voice that resides in me and tells me what to do.  The inner voice…the intuition, the creative self.
I know that I am not alone.  Countless people wake up early and stare like me at our sky above and wonder.  Our atmosphere is so rare and fragile.

It is like being connected to a long army of watchers that are all waiting in silence for the day to begin.  A sacred ritual, like a long line of thread that is present and goes around each person enchanting them and freeing their soul.

So, early today, I am next to you in my thoughts.  We do not have to say any word.  But deep inside of us the magic begins somewhere between night and light … we connect.

Copyright 2010 Micheline Brierre


  1. Dawn is a time when the world belongs only to me. Quiet envelopes the whole atmosphere. I can tiptoe soundlessly around my kingdom and be the first to see the budding flowers, the emerging dewy grass, and sleepy feathered friends about to test their wings for a busy day ahead.

    I always hope that my newspaper delivery person had a good night of sleep--because that means that my morning read will arrive by 5 a.m. Then I can curl up in my favorite leather chair with my furry pups cuddled close and begin a journey through inky pages. At last I arrive at the crossword puzzle that delights and mystifies me at the same time.

    When I begin to hear the steel bodies racing down the road, I know it is an urgent time to get to work. The crows are cawing in earnest, hunting up their morning feast. The roar of the mile-away freeway is making its presence known. One of the best parts of the day is drawing to a close. It's time to join the race!

  2. Dear Micheline,
    I didn't know that you were an early riser, just like me, usualy up by 5am even if I awaken at 4am, I don't want to disturb my husband that early. I found that time in the morning to be very important to me, as I prepare the fruit bowls and read a good book while listening to the birds, it is very precious and my favorite time of the day, it's all mine.
    More and more I realize that we have a lot in common, not only our first name, but our love of cats, our creative spirit, being early riser and probably much more that I don't know yet.
    I love your writing, I feel it is close to my own thoughts.
    Micheline, in LC

  3. Micheline, In my language we have an old saying: begin your day with your soul beside you.
    It is a loose translation but essentially it is what you describe in your so elequantly written text here: starting your day with connecting with your soul in a private and sacred realm.
    Thank you for sharing this with me, I had for a moment forgotten this once very ritualistic part of my life.
    Bright blessings and much love to you.

  4. So much of what I have been through these last years have cemented the idea that we are all indeed connected. Like you told me once, it is like tuning into to someone else's station or frequency. Most of the time it happens naturally with the people we are closest too, other times you can simply tune in or be extra conscious. In whatever way it happens, it always brings me extra comfort to feel that I am never alone and we are all connected no matter the distance.

    It also gives me a huge amount of empathy for my fellow humans, knowing that we are one. Finding this connection to our higher self and the world around us makes us so much more alive, makes us humble, gives us comfort, and it makes us part of the game,verses mere observers.

    So very grateful for our connection, mamita..


  5. Dear Micheline:
    Your thoughts are lovely reflections of your sweet spirit! A refreshing voice in my day!
    When this is behind me, I will respond to the beautiful feelings your words awakened inside my soul. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  6. Dearest Micheline,

    I knew that you wrote and did so beautifully, as everything you do is done that way. All of our emails are treasures. I have always valued our connection, and these musings of yours make that connection even stronger, as I learn more about you. I can't wait to read your next entry.

  7. L. (Laura) Lowry-GreeneMay 4, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    This has been a long, wretched winter. Business at the hotel(Maple UnCommon, Columbus, KS)has been terribly slow, and my spirits sagged with each empty day. I did all the chores and still had time left over, but I did not heed that inner voice that was telling me to reflect, renew and refresh, using the down time to the most important purpose. I encountered your blog, and I was immediately transported to you, connected by that lovely necklace I bought and call, simply, Micheline. It is now in a prominent spot on my dresser near the bed, so that I can see it when I awake, and think of the beauty that is all around us, and how better served I am to get out of my daily circumstances and back into my Self. Thank you for your inspiration.