Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bunch Of Contented Monkeys

I slept at Lisa's, my daughter's house the other night and we woke up early, ate, packed a bag of fruits, some hard boiled eggs and left. The kids were excited and so were we. All along the way, beyond Divide, CO, a magnificent heavy carpet of snow covered the land. You could only see the evergreens along the way and rarely some bison and some cows and some houses that seem to be swallowed by the snow; green over the white with some speckles of black here and there. I am sure it would take some snow shoes to go over the countryside looking so very white and pristine as far as the eye could see.

When we arrived at Buena Vista it was snowing over all the Collegiate Peaks like a light veil over the mountains behind the city. It was eerie and gray at times with the sun still shining between the clouds.

We went to Mount Princeton and arrived at the hot pools with the hot river along one side. I was surprised to see so many cars, but my daughter reminded me that it was spring break and that so many people traveled then. Once in our bathing suits, with a locker rented for our purses, we went into the hot pool and it was heavenly! So warm so calming and so soothing.

It was great to stay there like the enduring but contented monkeys ... but the kids were starving. You can tell they are hungry, growing boys at their age, being eight and ten. Lisa had done all the driving and it was time to eat. Someone told us of a good restaurant and we figured we would come back to the hot waters. The girl working there fixed around our wrist a bright orange bracelet that showed we had paid for the day and off we went to town in search of food, fortunately with everything we brought with us.

Lunch proved out to fill us to our total satisfaction and we headed back home instead of going back to the hot pools. As we traveled, we could see the snow falling all around us on the different peaks, but we made it back to Woodland Park and the little snow we encountered was not much. We stopped to eat some ice cream and the man was so great as to give Lisa some extra bites in a dish as we left, this was beside her regular cone. A gift. Maybe it was her reward for driving all of us for so many hours.

In Colorado Springs, it was raining more that anything else and we were pleased that we had such a different morning filled with the beauty of the countryside and the hot bath that left us rather limp and happy like a bunch of contented monkeys.


  1. I want to be a contented monkey, after sitting in the Hot Springs! what a lovely day.

  2. Sounds like it was great fun, Like Laura Reilly I too want to be a contented Monkey!