Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Dream Come True

A dream come true! My own blog to communicate with you, to grow with you to go on the incredible journey of life together. Sign up, and get on board!

I will give voice to your inner self, your concerns, your memories, our connections, your roots, the infinite possibilities of us. Become a follower, not because you are, but because I, with you, also follow my own intuition as I write. I have always believed that any creative form is the result of all the participants. So send me your comments, be a co-creator in this process and let us go together on this trip of self expression.

Winter is losing face and the plants I surveyed yesterday in my garden all have some green at their roots. The doves that enchant me all morning creep into my paintings and from the paper they salute me in my studio.

I am missing the time of quiet and peace when I can retreat within myself and pause, as the world of winter follows me. The early morning fog, the cold outside and the white mountains created a cocoon of grace and creativity that has given birth to quite a few poems that I will share with you.

Now, will come a different time pleading to speak to us with a different voice. And our words will echo back.


  1. Laurel signed us up as followers and I also subscribed to your blog so I will automatically get it any time you post something. Looks great!

  2. Congratulations, Micheline.

    I look forward to following, reading, writing, exploring and co-creating with you. You are always manifesting something special.

    With my love,


  3. I look forward to reading this and participating with you. Good luck with all.


  4. From Randy Watson:

    Hey Micheline. good to see you will have a blog. I am looking forward to it.


  5. Happy to hear from you dear friend.
    Look forward to all your musings.
    Love as always~

  6. I visited the web site this morning...captivating! A beautiful lady and multi-talented (and a damn good writer!) Thanks for turning me onto it.

  7. I especially loved the "New Year", it sounded close to me...Always good reading, and looking foward to more. Love your blog, well done!
    Micheline, in LC

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