Friday, March 19, 2010

Howling Under The Moon

Like coyotes sitting and howling under the moon, we are all witnesses and participants of the magic of groups.

There is a group for everything, every whim, every inclination, every taste, every dream and every skill. We are drawn to groups for an infinite number of reasons but the most powerful, I think, is the sense of togetherness, the feeling of belonging and becoming part of a larger family of our own choice.

Groups exert a potential catalyst for change and help us find like-minded people to share the journey of life and inspire us while we inspire them. They also offer us a number of individuals to bounce off our ideas and watch them take or be rejected.

Think of the person in your group that you do not seem to like no matter what they do or say. Groups offer endless possibilities.
Besides all else, groups offer us mirrors and create leaders and their supporters; they show us what we left behind and dislike seeing now in others. They reflect many facets of us.

I have been a part of many groups and being together brought the element of change and the element of patience. We have the opportunity to turn up our patience for what we see and do not want to espouse anymore so that we can grow from the experience.

Groups offer a unique dynamic that can be both satisfying and humbling. In front of a group, we have to leave our pride aside.

So we group together on Earth or in offices, under neon lights or under the sun as we did for eons of time. We group for joy, for war, for peace, for finding our family of choice, ready one day to exchange it for another one.

Humans tend to congregate not necessarily to howl, but we know there is room between the coyotes as they gather under the moon.

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