Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Since yesterday we saw a strong storm come into town and leave trails of snow drifts everywhere. Our cars are looking like cream puffs on the driveway and I stare at this extension of winter and wonder if the winds from the North will ever let go of their grip over the city.

So I wrote this earlier but it fits the white world we are all looking at.

The Land Lost Its Colors

The land lost all of its colors
to shiver under a tight cover of white

The snow last night got into most crevasses
and filled my night with unremembered dreams.
But at dawn I was rubbing my eyes
and the earth had lost its colors.

Some birds traveled in the gray of the sky
unimpeded by the trails of white
they leave behind and that wraps
around my neck like an invoked
infinite and light crocheted shawl.

My smile is inward
and my song is chanted to no one.
I am thrilled with the sight and
watch, as the earth and sky merge.

Copyright Micheline Brierre 2009

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  1. A Sunshine Moment happened here so speaking of weather I need to share this with you~
    A 4H girl made an appointment to bring her mom to look at our goats.
    It has been dark and cold and windy here so I was hoping everyone was dressed to hang around in the meadow in a cold wind. Once they arrived I led them through our yard to the path that leads to our barn. As we stood in the yard just about to open the gate the clouds blew away from the sun and the whole scene lit up. Blue sky- red barn-fruit trees looking like a wedding behind our shiny fat goats heads down in ankle high electric green grass. We stopped to just look and bask in that sun and I heard the little girl say to her mom in that hushed amazed voice children use ..."oh mom- look how beautiful". And it was. And it took a little girl to show me something besides muddy paths and feet that need trimming and stalls that need cleaned weeds that need pulling and fences that need repair. Suddenly all the things that distract me from the fact that this is a beautiful place to live a peaceful life faded and there was only sunwashed beauty.
    Thank you Morgan and I hope you enjoy your new little doe.