Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woman of the Seven Veils

Woman of the seven veils
woman of the seven words
my semblance and my mirror
woman who dances with the scepter
the flame, the sphinx and the pauper
you are my eternal self, my hope
and my strangled fear, the treason
of my imaginings
and my redemption
at the edge of my day.

Battles were won in your name
towns feasted on your flame
and your desires, you walked on Frangipani
and sheets of music, with cymbals fluttering
in your ears. You were queen and slave
you smelled roses in the garden of heaven.
You fought endless battles and walked
in many homes, revered for your intuition
while you absorbed many secrets
and opened many paths.

You ventured in dark spaces where
light was negated yet your spark thrived.

You were a part of me for eons of times
sprinkling words over my steps
and singing the new incantations
to make me strong as the wind
to make me wise as the old sage
to sing with me now
as we peel the veils
one at a time.

Copyright Micheline Brierre 2010


  1. More mysteries of womanhood revealed to me. It is enlightening.

  2. The land of enchantment, magic and wonder - this is the realm in which your words transport me.
    Here's in eager anticipation of all that is about to unfold through your new blog!
    Congratulations, mamita, you are my inspiration!